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Disaster Recovery Plan

Recovery Team Leader - Bradley Huebner

NDC Data Center - 412


      1. Overview

      2. Strategy

      3. Team Leader Responsibilities

      4. Plan Activation

      5. Recovery Team Members Briefing Procedures

      6. Organize Recovery Team Schedules

      7. Recovery Location Travel Procedures

      8. Perform Recovery Preparation Activities

      9. Emergency Software & Hardware Vendor Contact Procedures

      10. Ongoing Computer Operations Support Procedures

      11. Administrative Recovery Progress Tracking

      12. Plan Return Procedures

      13. Forms

      13.1. Personnel Contact Record Form

      13.2. Personnel Location Control Form

      13.3. Recovery Status Report Form

      14. Attachments

      14.1. IT DR Bradley Huebner Team Roster

      14.2. External Contacts

      14.3. CMDB

      14.4. Directions to the Recovery Site

      14.5. Alternate Site Configuration

      14.7. Software Licenses

1. Overview

This plan documents the strategies, personnel, procedures and resources which the IT Recovery Team Leader will use to respond to any long term interruption at the Naperville Data Center.

2. Strategy
The IT Recovery Team is activated following detection of an incident and subsequent development of an Action Plan by the IT Site MANAGEMENT TEAM.

The Action Plan identifies which pre-planned strategies will be used to react to the disaster. This team may be activated in waves, depending upon the procedures necessary to implement the Action Plan.

3. Team Leader Responsibilities
1. Implement the corresponding Recovery Plan.

2. Participate in initial IT Site Management Team activities, as required.

3. Brief and assign personnel in accordance with the IT Site Management Action Plan.

4. Supervise operations at the designated recovery site.

5. Coordinate with the IT Site Management Team.

6. Report progress and problems to the IT Site Management Team Coordinator.

7. Coordinate the recovery of all essential functions, providing direction and guidance where required.

8. Maintain a Status Report and provide a copy of this log to the IT Site Management Team Coordinator daily, until notified otherwise. (Refer to the Forms Section)

9. Review and approve any new or modified procedures that will be implemented by subordinate Recovery Teams for the duration of the recovery operations.

4. Plan Activation
The IT BC/DR Incident Management Team must approve the IT Site Management Team's decision to activate the recovery plan. Based on that decision, the Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below.

1. Notify the appropriate IT Recovery Team members required to implement the recovery plans, using the Personnel Contact Form. (Refer to the Forms Section)

2. Identify any team members who cannot immediately participate in recovery operation at the backup site, then assign alternates as required.

3. Instruct team members to report to the command center or dial into the site or bridge number identified by the IT Site Management team for a complete briefing of the disaster and to be prepared to relocate to the recovery location.
- Command Center at location

- Off-site Command Center

- Alternate Off-site Command Center

- Bridge Number

4. Identify timing requirements for the assembly of them members using the Personnel Location Control Form. (Refer to the Forms Section)

5. Notify all other team personnel to standby or remain home until needed.

6. Note the team member's status and arrival at the Command Center, using the Personnel Contact Form. (Refer to the Forms Section)

7. Notify the IT Site Management Team Coordinator at the Command Center of any employee reported as "at work during the time of disaster." The IT Site Manager will investigate the present condition and location of all personnel. This information will be provided to the IT BC/DR Incident Management Team.

5. Recovery Team Members Briefing Procedures
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below.

1. Conduct a plan activation meeting with the Team Members to familiarize them with the incident circumstances and resulting strategies.
- Results of damage impact assessment

- Location of the Command Center or Bridge Number

- Communications arrangements

- What has been done so far

- Short term plans

- Contact procedures for all recovery and support teams
2. Instruct personnel NOT to make any "public" or "off-the-record" statements to any media representatives, except for the approved incident Public Statement.

3. Communicate the incident objectives and strategies developed by the IT Site Management Team.
- Expected duration of the incident

- Communicate what changes, if any, will be necessary to the Recovery Procedures, based on the severity of the incident and available resources

- Review the Applications Tiers (Refer to Attachment Section) with the recovery team personnel to confirm or reestablish priorities

- Review any special business issues which could affect application and communications restoration priorities

- Review any special safety or security issues

6. Organize Recovery Team Schedules
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below.

1. Establish work and rotation schedules based on work load, available resources and available personnel.

2. Review the Personnel Location Control Form (Refer to Forms Section) and assign personnel based on availability, to participate in recovery activities.

3. Determine which employees will be required at the recovery location and which will be housed locally.

4. Re-assign idle personnel to assist with other time sensitive areas.

5. Monitor re-assignment of idle employees throughout the recovery.

6. Review personnel rotation schedules for the recovery location and locally if overtime or additional shifts are required due to workload or facility constraints.

7. Recovery Location Travel Procedures
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below.

1. Coordinate travel to the recovery location with the IT Site Management Team.

2. Provide the names of individuals and their destination.

3. Identify which specific personnel are permitted to travel together (stagger personnel so that specialized personnel travel separately).

4. Identify hotel requirements.

5. Provide estimates of travel advance monies, credit cards, and passports that will be required.

6. Distribute travel itineraries to Team Members.

7. Provide directions to the recovery location (Refer to Attachment Section).

8. Perform Recovery Preparation Activities
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below.

1. Retrieve recovery scripts

2. Call the Command Center and provide a telephone number where personnel can be reached.

3. Meet with the recovery facility support personnel to review coordination activities for the recovery operation.
- Verify that technical services personnel will load the floor system following instructions.

- Review the recovery configuration against the contracted resources ensuring that all resources are available and accessible.

- Verify that all contracted devices are on-line, accessible, and initialized to pre-defined volume assignments.

9. Emergency Software & Hardware Vendor Contact Procedures
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below.

1. Alert software, hardware and third party vendors identified in the External Contacts (Refer to the Attachment Section), using the approved incident Public Statement.

2. Verify that software packaged will successfully run on a different computer system.

3. Request technical support for any changes (e.g., special keys) required to run software on the other computer.

4. Ensure that the person you are speaking with at the vendor understands and properly records that the use of the software is due to a disaster.

5. If required, have the IT Site Management Coordinator issue a written confirmation of the disaster situation and the relocation of the software to all software vendors. Copies of these confirmations should be retained for safekeeping in a contract file.

10. Ongoing Computer Operations Support Procedures
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below.

1. Provide whatever assistance is requested, once operations have been restored and verified.

2. Monitor all operational activities during the recovery operation

3. Ensure that adequate recovery team personnel are available throughout the recovery operation. Provide personnel staffing on a 24-hour-a-day basis, if required.

11. Administrative Recovery Progress Tracking
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below to maintain proper record keeping and control during a recovery operation.

1. Maintain good written documentation of any changes or modifications to standard operating procedures. Make sure temporary changes or modifications do not carry over to normal operations following the recovery operation shutdown.

2. Maintain a record of all Recovery Team personal expenses incurred during the recovery operation (receipts should be attached).

3. Submit Status Reports to the IT Site Management Team Coordinator.

4. Review recovery activities against the documented Recovery Plan and initiate updates and changes.

12. Plan Return Procedures
The Recovery Team Leader will follow the steps below

1. Coordinate the return from the alternate-processing site to the restored damaged facility or a permanent new facility.

2. Develop a detailed relocation 'Plan of Action" for returning to the restored facility using the Recovery Plan procedures as a guide

3. Ensure critical systems that were modified during the recovery operation are returned to the processing standards used before the recovery operation began.

4. Resume operations at the repaired or relocated facility after the recovery operation is officially concluded.

13. Forms

13.1 Personnel Contact Record Form

PURPOSE: Maintain a record of all personnel contacts.


1 Contacted, will report to the Command Center

2 Contacted, will standby for further instructions

3 Contacted, will report to location noted below

4 No Answer

5 Contact information not valid

6 Employee reported as being at work (notify IT Site Manager immediately)

Date: _________________ Time: ________________

Completed By: ____________________


































































13.2 Personnel Location Control Form

PURPOSE: Maintain centralized tracking of all recovery personnel.


Complete this form after plan activation, indicating work location of recovery personnel. Continue to update the information throughout each day during the recovery operation. As updates are made, send a new copy to the IT Site Management Team for their use in maintaining the recovery operation Personnel Location Control Forms.


1 - Disaster Site

2 - Home until further notice

3 - Site Management Center

4 - Alternate Work Location

5 - Recovery Site

6 - In Transit

































































































13.3 Recovery Status Report Form

Completed by:




Current Reporting Period Activities:

Indicate milestones reached, action tasks completed, etc.








Problems Encountered:

Indicate problems encountered, solution being employed, and expected resolution time








Logistics Assistance and Resources Requested

Indicate what is needed, when, and where






Objectives for the Next Reporting Period

State milestones and tasks expected to be started or completed (include carry-over tasks from previous reporting period)







Additional Comments







14. Attachments

14.1. IT DR Bradley Huebner's Team Roster

14.2. External Contacts

14.3. CMDB

14.4. Directions to the Recovery Site

14.5. Alternate Site Configuration

14.7. Software Licenses